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We stock over 500 Djembe drums and other african percussion instruments. We offer a very wide range of finest drumming accessories and equipment related to west african drumming. We give comprehensive skilled specialized technical advice and professional drum teaching instruction classes. Djembé Art offers professional repair service with over 20 years of experience in Djembe manufacturing.

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Djembe Drums

Basic Class, Standard Class, Middle Class, Master Class, Superior Class, Premium Class

Percussion & Melody

Bass Drum, Bougarabou, Sabar, Kessing, Bells, Talking Drum, Bara, Udu, Kalimba, Sansula, Krin Log Drum, Kpanlogo, Oprente, Balafon, Water Drum, Kora, Ngoni, Bolon, Frame Drum and many other Percussion Instruments

Accessories & Extras

 Drum Bag, Case, Cover, Strap, Sticks, Mallets Goatskin, Cowskin, Ropes, Rings, Djembe Shells, Tuning Tools, Stands, Racks, Necklaces, and lots more

CD, DVD & Books

Learn African drumming, Songs, Balafon, Sansula and other Instruments with a multitude of possibilities


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As your shop for high quality African drums and acessories we want you to have a great shopping experience. We gladly share our knowledge gained in over 20 years of experience in African drumming. Feel free to contact us. We speek English, German and Spanish. With our French and Italian we can answer E-Mails and we can cope with a lot of other languages, too.

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