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Welcome to Djembe Art Professional Drum Selection

Opening Hours: Mo - Fr 10:00 - 17:00 &  Sa 10:00  - 13:00, Visitors please make an appointment ! ! ! ! !

Our shop in Münstermaifeld has no fixed opening hours. Therefore please call us or send us an E-Mail prior to your visit. We ask for your understanding that we only accepts cash payments in our shop.


The closest motorway to Münstermaifeld is the A48/E44. Coming from Koblenz we recommend the Polch exit and than on to Münstermaifeld. Coming from Trier the Kaifenheim exit is best continuing via Pillig. Sevenich is a district of Münstermaifeld. It has only a few houses, so there is no extra street name. Here is a link to Google Maps

Welcome to our Djembe oasis . . .


Drum Shop, Djembe Art, Djembe Oasis

Well over 500 drums with various sound characteristics and designs from the best and most respected Djembe makers in the world are waiting here to be discovered. On appointments all drums can be viewed and tested.

 Djembe Art Drum Lounge

Explore the wonderful world of Djembe sounds with us and benefit from our professional advice if you are looking for a special instrument.

 African Drum Shop

We gladly give you a brief introduction to the playing techniques upon request.

. . . there is lot's to discover . . .

500 Djembe Drums and more

As an African friend of ours once said: Djembé Art is where the drums have a home.

 Bass Drum Studio, Dununba, Sangban, Kenkeni, Bougarabou and more

Our fine Bass Drum Studio offers some of the finest hardwood Dununs of the world. There is also a rich variety of bells, mallets and stands for every requirement.

. . . the trip is worthwhile.

Djembe Drum Accessories

We offer a huge selection of accessories with almost everything your African drummer heart desires.

Djembe Art Shop, Display Room

Djembe bags, cases, covers & straps are located on a separate floor.

Finest African Drums

Drumhead Goatskins, Cowskins, Ropes, Rings, Djembe Shells & tuning tools are displayed in a seperate room. There are also books and CD's, Djembe jewelery and more.

 Visite the Djembe Art Shop

We are looking forward to your visite

Overnight recommendations

As we live in the middle of a very popular holiday region an overnight stay at one of the many bed and breakfast places or hotels can be an extremely relaxing escape for a day or more. For individuals and families we recommend
Art Hotel Pastis in Pillig (only 5 minutes away)
Pyrmonter Mühle (10 minutes away)

Park Hotel Krähennest  in Löf on the Mosel (15 minutes away) and for families and joung people
Jugendherberge in Mayen (20 minutes away)

Ferienhaus Nehrenberg ist is only 100 m from our doorstep
Münsterblick is in the historical part of Münstermaifeld.  can also be found in 
Bauersmühle and Walkmühle offer beautiful holiday apartments (only 10 minutes away)

Regional informations

Burg Eltz, the Burg Pyrmont and the famous hiking trails Traumpfade are just round the corner. For wining and dining we recommend Löffel's Landhaus in Münstermaifeld. Further links about the region can be found on the page of Wir in Münstermaifeld. Take a look at the Tourist-Info and you will be surprised how much our region has to offer.