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Djembé Art is nuclear power free.
We use electricity from Lichtblick Strom with 100 % renewable energy.

Everyday something unexpected occurs with powerful gripping results on this earth. Love keeps us alive and stirs the heart. With the following lines we endeavour to help you sense our intensions, our feelings and innermost knowledge about our duty and responsibility in life.

The Art of Drumming

African Drum
Everything began in the mothers womb!
Was life there not filled with sounds and noises from the mothers body
and from the outside world?
But is was primarily movement. Constant movement.
When the mother sat, when she walked, stood, turned round:
Movement, movement, movement.

Movement is the pulse beat of life, a rhythm, artisticly woven
in the passage of time.
Listen attentively with all your senses, with your entire body,
with your whole being, so that you can feel
the elemental force of the rhythm.

Every skill requires
a specific technique which one must learn.
Art comprises much more than just technique,
and in time you will penetrate the intrinsic reality.
But you must first control the technique so completely,
that you can again forget it.

Observe and follow the inner neccessity!
Then the unity is no longer far away.
No more separating of mind and hands.
Soon the rhythm will carry you from one movement to the next.
When heart and rhythm follow each other
with mutual interaction, drumming will turn to dance.

(from Martina Grosvenor freely from Frédérick Leboyer)

Martina & Gavin Grosvenor live on German TV in the year 2001