Repair service on Djembe and other drums

Gavin Grosvenor Repair service on Djembe and other drumsWe have been repairing Djembes and other drums for 20 years. The best thing is if you enquire by phone. Than it is easy to answer all your questions and give you detailed advice. It is helpful if you send us a photo of your drum in advance, so that we can see what needs to be done.
You can reach us best from Monday-Friday between 10:00 -18:00 hrs.
Email Djembe      Fon Djembe Art+49(0)2605 8495695

Drum Head re-heading

Re Skinning and Re Heading a Djembe Drum
If your drum head skin has torn we can support you on how you can change it yourself or you can send it in to us and we do the job for you. There are many possibilities of influencing the sound by choosing a specific type of skin. A wide selection of different skins can be found on our page drum head Skins. We can restor your drumskin in many different styles, with or without a hair rim and positioning the ring high or low how ever you prefer it. Reskinning is always a good chance to make small or large improvements on your drum at the same time.

Sending your drum back within Germany costs 8,90 €. The whole process of work including the drying time is approximately 8 days.

New drum head skin on Djembe
Skin price: ab 29 € + working hours: 128 €

The standard process of renewing your drum head includes undoing the cordage, opening the old drum head, cleaning the Rings, soaking and fitting a new goatskin, shaving, smoothing and giving it 6 days to dry plus 3 final tunings. If you can not collect your drum personally sending it back is possible for approximately 12 € within Germany.
Djembe Drum Design and Art Work

Drum renewal

A broken drum is always a chance to do small or large alterations. May be you find a different rope color more attractive or you prefer a  different drum head style. You might want to change the rings or ask for smothening the interior. We can do wood repairs and oil your drumshell. What ever it is we are glad to help and assist you with our experience.

New tuning rope
rope price: 20 € + working hours 45 €, free color choice

New ring knots
rope price: 5 € + working hours 15 € per ring, free color choice

New Ring cloth wraping
15 € per ring,  free color choice

starting from 20 €, for straightening and smoothening the drum head rim, polishing the shell etc.

15 €, for oiling the shell

Woven Rope Handle Grip
All colors can be choosen: 15 €

Shortening your drum
to match a specific hight: 25 €

Djembe Carving and Shaping by Gavin Grosvenor

Woodwork all around your Djembe drum

We are open to all kinds of challanges from the raw shell to the highly polished 5 Star Supreme Djembe. On request we offer the following woodworks:




Gavin Grosvenors Djembe Art Work - Professional Selection

Your individual Djembe, custom made

If you are looking for an exceptional Djembe please consult us. We custom build Djembes to individual requirements. If you are looking for inspirations check our Gallery of Treasures where you can admire the treasures of our own Djembe making from the past 20 years and see what is possible. Many of our galery drums were custom build for individual customers.
Djembe Drum Tuning Explaned

Precise tuning

Through our devotion to African drums for over two decades we have gained lots of experience to be able to provide the best tuning for each individual drum enabling the optimal characteristic sound to develop. We tune every drum precisely. We will tune the drum to your personal preference.

Retightening & retuning

We retune your purchased drum free of charge even after years. For this purpose, please arrange an appointment with us. We ask for your understanding that these free service does not apply to dealers or customers who have purchased great quantities of drums such as schools. In these cases we need to calculate the tuning with 25 € per drum.