Accessories & Extras for Djembe Drums and African Percussion

African Woman PercussionSelected accessories for Djembe and African percussion. All displayed items are available and can be shipped with in 24 hrs. The following pages are multilingual. On the left hand side you find the main item photo. Above it the name of the item in German, English, French and African, the country of origin and the material. Underneath the photo is the Order No. (Art.Nr.) and the price. On the right hand side you see a German description, the size and an orange box with a short English description. If you need further information don't hesitate to send us an E-Mail to

Djembe Drum Bag, Case, Cover, Strap
Djembe Drum Bag, Case, Cover & Strap
Storage and transport protection for African drums
and other percussion instruments.
Sticks and Mallets for African Drums
Sticks & Mallets for African Percussion
Your important tools
to create the right tone.
Drum Skins, Goatskins, Cowskins, Calfskins and more
Goatskin, Cowskin, Calfskin, Peaux de Chevre et de Vache
Selected and proven animal skin
for drumhead repair and instrument making.
Rope and Corde, Rings and Tools for African Drum
Rope, Ring, Tools, Tuning & Tightening
for drum making of all kinds
and repair work.
Drum Oil & Protection
Hardwood Oil & Insect Protection
for drum and drumhead
Djembe Shell, Bougarabou Shell, African Hardwood
Djembe Drum Shell
well prepared and selected hardwood Djembe shells
to build your personal favorite drum.
Drum Stand, Rack for Bassdrum, Djembe, Bougarabou and more
Drum Stand & Rack
For Djembe, Dunun Bassdrum, Bougarabou,
Balafon, Krin, Waterdrum, Bells an more.
Djembe Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, Candle and more 
Djembe Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Candle, Masc
Artistically and lovingly handmade
in small numbers.
Djembe Art Fan Items, Postcards, Buttons ...
Present Voucher, Postcard und more
Ideal and flexible presents
for all friends of African drumming.
Djembe Drum Paitings on Drumheads and Skins
Drumhead Painting
Individual custom hand-painted artwork
that makes your drum unique.